The story behind Fade takes us back some time into the mind of a young man from a small town in Norway. Casually browsing his local mall, walking past shops packed with watches, jewelry and other accessories, he suddenly started to feel thoughts coming to his mind. While visualizing these watches and accessories he quickly got a taste for the nice looks and satisfying details, but shortly after, he realized they were all slightly off in some way or another. Some of them were too glary and just too much, while others looked to plain and simple, or had the wrong combinations of colors and details. He simply couldn’t see himself walking around with any of the watches or accessories, as he believed they wouldn’t match perfectly with his outfit. This is what inspired him to come up with his own fashion brand. A couple of phonecalls later, team fade was created. A best-friend trio with one shared vision in mind. 

Fade was created with one main thought in mind; to create fashion accessories that would perfectly fade into your outfit.