With one shared mindset, we were ready to turn our vision into reality. We set a goal to offer stylish and affordable products of great quality. We realized that all the existing brands who produced watches either had low quality on their products, were too expensive for the average person to buy, or simply weren't stylish enough because their only focus was on quality and price.
Because of this, we decided to start off with watches to make a change in the watch game. Unlike the already existing watch-brands out there, we designed our timepieces around the thought of including all three parts; great looks, premium quality, and a fair price.

The look

As our name and story implies, we want our watches to fade into your outfit. What is meant by this, is that we believe our design makes the watch genuinely blend in and look like it is a part of you and your outfit. The second thing that is important to us is that we want our watches to be perfectly balanced in a way that makes them go just as well together with your casual wear, as with your finer wear.  
To achieve this, we have come up with a design that is clean and simple, without any interrupting details. Our watches are thin and slick, making them minimalistic, but also stylish. The traditional yet rich design of the watch matches perfectly both with our elegant leather strap, and our stylish mesh strap.

Quality matters

All of our watches come with a full stainless-steel body, and a strap with either premium genuine leather or stainless mesh. Our latest models are made with Sapphire glass to make sure our watches are even more secure from scratches and accidents that may occur. In our first two models, Roseland and Blush, we used mineral glass. This is something we changed when we sat down to design our next models, when we realized that we wanted our watches to have a higher standard of quality than what's normal. The movement we use is a high-grade Japanese Quartz movement. We picked out this movement because it is known for being extremely accurate and doesn’t require human intervention in order to work. It does not require winding but runs on a lithium battery that lasts about two years and can easily be switched out with a new one when necessary.